Thursday, 20 September 2012

New product

You invent a new product, and sell it out of a shiny apple-store-style emporium.  Trendy!  Now the naturre of this product is that once a customer buys one, s/he instantly loses the ability to make rational judgments about what is best for him/herself; also becoming disinhibited, happier, stupider and more suggestible.  It won't take much for you to sell him/her a great many more of your products.

Ladies and gentlemen: the pub.


Nicola Vincent-Abnett said...

Pubs were so much better when they smelt of fag-ash instead of bodily fluids and bleach, even as a non-smoker. Can't stand them now.

Sad really.

Do you ever get horribly nostalgic for London in the 80s?

In so many ways it was so bloody nasty... and yet...

Adam Roberts Project said...

The smoking ban coinciding more-or-less with the arrival of Lily, I stopped haunting pubs at around that time.

I know what you mean about 80s-nostalgia. I was so miserable then! Yet increasingly I find myself responding wistfully to music etc. from that era.