Monday, 3 September 2012

Atheist Theism

For the true believer, God is always a mysterious supplement, present in life but never completely known, always in essence just beyond the ability of the mind to grasp. But for a true atheist this is even more profoundly true: the atheist embraces the mysterious Otherness of God much more wholeheartedly than the believer does. To the point, indeed, of Othering God from existence itself. In this, as in other, ways the atheist is more devout than the theist.

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Zenek said...

The true believer gazes into the abyss and sees nothing – but the fragility of the meaning of his life. Not his alone to construct but also at the mercy of some awesome void that he cannot know and cannot be sure of and yet is the condition of his life. The true atheist looks into the void and sees nothing (nihilism) or himself.

That at least is what you post inspires in me and why I use the masculine pronoun