Monday, 10 September 2012

Kebabded House

Crowded House's 'Fall At Your Feet' is a lovely song. Fair dos. But that said, I challenge you to listen to the lines:
And whenever I fall at your feet
You let your tears rain down on me
Whenever I touch your slow turning pain
...without thinking of a giant kebab turning slowly in front of its burning-hot elements in the window of a kebab shop.


Nexis Pas said...

I wouldn't have thought of a giant, slowly rotating kebab before reading your post, but the image is now seared deep into my brain. This is how mental images of tibias become coloured.

Lizzie B said...

Thanks. Thanks so much. I loved that song. And now it's about kebabs.

Adam Roberts Project said...

Words cannot express the intensity of my remorse and sorrow.