Sunday, 5 April 2009


I'm not sure why, after many years, I'm suddenly finding myself annoyed by petty little lapses in Jam lyrics. 'English Rose', from All Mod Cons:

No matter where I roam
I will come back to my english rose
For no bonds can ever tempt me from she.
From her, Paul. From her!

Or there's 'Pretty Green', in which the colour is money. But it's 1970s banknotes that are green, not coins; and in the 1970s in England it wasn't possible ('I've got a pocket full of/Pretty green/I'm going to put it in the/Fruit machine'I'm going to put it in the/Juke Box...') to put banknotes into either fruit machines or jukeboxes.

I'm more of a pedant than I used to be. Perhaps it is spoiling my enjoyment of stuff ...

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