Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I propose a new project. Time to break the stranglehold certain translations exert over certain texts simply because the translation in question was undertaken by the author. It's a sort of textual tyranny (why can't we get with the author-is-dead programme, people?). Best of all, this project will give us double the translation fun for our money.

I suggest we start by coming up with two new versions of Beckett's most famous play. I'll make a start on Whilst Awaiting Godot (from the French), if someone with better French than I could pitch into Attente de Godot (from the English). And remember to make it fresh ... new translations for a new century, guys!


mahendra singh said...

The Pierre Menard Foundation might be interested in giving you a financial grant to pursue this brilliant idea!

One further constraint perhaps, why not make it Twitteresque, 140 character maximum, that makes it more "real" and "relevant" for the kiddies.

Adam Roberts Project said...

I couldn't in all conscience, though, take that money. It surely ought to go to you, for your ongoing project to translate The Hunting of the Snark into Singhlish.