Sunday, 31 May 2009

Niblung doggerel

Siegfired-kriegfried planted his seed
(a behind-the-firewall ploy);

He soon filled up 'kyrie Brunhilda
with a bouncing kriegfried boy.

Partuition caused division
in the noble Niblung house.

Various Germans hating her man
schemed to squash him like a louse.

Couldn't chance a sword or lance as
Siegfried's blade-zen too extreme;

So they, coy, sent potent poison
into Siegfried's red bloodstream.

Siegfired-kriegfried died in bedsheets
Brunhilda became a crier;

She took babby, blade and bolster
jumped upon the funeral pyre.

There's no more-y of their story:
neither spoken, rhymed nor sung

You don't need to see Siegfried
go all damn Gotterdammerung.

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