Saturday, 3 January 2009


I'll confess myself a little baffled why Also sprach Zarathustra gets translated as Thus Spoke Zarathustra I can understand (given what I am told is the lambent, self-consciously Biblical cadence of Nieztsche's prose throughout this book) retaining the delibarate archaism of inversion: which is to say, I can understand Thus Spake Zarathustra. But the halfhearted archaism ('...we'll invert the usual word order, but we won't go with spake') can hardly be defended. How about So Zarathustra Said (which I feel captures nicely the 'personally, I'm not sure I believe it' aspect of reading Nietzsche's book)? Or These Were Zarathustra's Words, or That's What Zarathustra Said? How, for that matter, about The Wit and Wisdom of Zarathustra? I'm holding back from This Was Zara's Thrust, or ThusZaraThus (Ra! Ra! Ra!), although maybe these are the best of all.

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