Wednesday, 18 July 2007

"If I were called in to construct a religion..."

"...I should make use of water." It has only recently occurred to me how wonderfully ironic it is that Larkin, of all poets--drink-sodden Larkin--should write a poem about the transcendental qualities of water. You'd picture him, rather, taking W C Fields' perspective on that liquid. Perhaps the whole poem is a carefully considered irony.

""If I were called in to construct a religion I should make use of alcohol; Bacchus my god, and boozy transports my ascension."

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jammy said...

Like most boozers I doubt Larkin saw mself as a drunk therefore "If I were to called in the construct a religion..." is not, I think, ironic. Also, for a booze-addled porn freak Larkin still wrote some of the best poetry of last century.