Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Past Tense of To Be poem

The mural in the tomb
depicts a less exhalted life:
his dog, his shoe, his comb.
His trouble. His strife.

His heart and pineal gland,
his drinks and foods,
his everything-I-leave-behind
funereal goods.

The tomb roof, though, is turfed
and sunlit and green.
It says: 'man's unwept and unlaughed
now he's gone and been'.


Northern Writer said...

Oh you posh southerner, making fads rhyme with gads. It would work in Scotland as fuds certainly rhymes with guds. Here in the hinterlands we miss out on all sorts of nuance.

Adam Roberts Project said...

Rhyme, or half-rhyme. I'm happy with either.