Thursday, 31 March 2011


A common-enough believer’s comeback to the atheist who says ‘I don’t believe in God’ is the retort: ‘ah but He believes in you!’ Setting aside the hubris of believing one can descant upon the private beliefs of the divine, we might want to consider the inverse of this. Imagine what it would be like if you believed in God but He didn’t believe in you. Not that He was indifferent to you, or dismissive, but that He actually didn’t believe in you. God the ahumanist. What exactly is there, after all, in human existence that makes it so believable?

Or to put this another way: the true Christian may consider her/himself (in relation to God) a worm, a sinful blot, crusted all over with ghastliness unworthiness and so on; but s/he will not take this extra step, and consider her/himself fundamentally incredible. We might wonder why not.

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