Sunday, 18 November 2012


Wavering it always flows
Horseless it neighs
Whooping and dinning-down it goes
To storm hell’s ways.


Lucy Claire Hounsom said...

I've been working at this on and off for half an hour and am still none the wiser. How about I ask one? 'What have I got in my pocket?' [Clue: it's not the Ring of Power].

Adam Roberts Project said...

String -- or Nothing!

Adam Roberts Project said...

It's my version of a riddle from the Old Norse poem Alvissmal :

THOR: ‘Tell me this, All-wise—I foresee, dwarf,
that you know all the fates of men—
what the wind is called, which blows so widely,
in each of the worlds.’

ALVISS: ‘Wind it’s called among men, the waverer by the gods,
the mighty Powers say neigher;
whooper the giants, din-journeyer the elves,
in hell they call it stormer.’

'Alviss' is a name that means 'All Wise'.

Lucy Claire Hounsom said...

I will not eat you tonight.

Lucy Claire Hounsom said...

Coincidentally I do hear echoes of Tolkien, or rather predecessors.

As for unravelling the riddle, I can see that my lack of knowledge concerning the 'mighty Powers' and their name for the wind sealed my fate.