Monday, 16 January 2012

Gaggage 2012

I like to do one of these every now and again.

My favourite line of poetry about Origami is probably Byron's "The Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold ..."

I take it this new Adele song is a hymn of praise to the great Hungarian logical-positivist, Rumer Hasžit.

[Queenly voice]: we have decided to knight the first man on the moon! Kneel, Armstrong.

They're discussing Nimbyism on "Newsnight". I assume this refers to that great English comic actor, Derek Nimbo.

Looking forward to the BBC version of the one Dickens story set in Ancient Britain: 'The Mystery of Edwin Druid'.

I have mastered the ancient human art of breathing in AND THEN breathing out. I call this: 'Lung-Fu'.

I've had this cough so long I'm starting to worry it has acquired squatter's rights under the law.

It's Kierkegaard’s favourite band, the Either/Orsmonds!

I would watch a movie about a man called Ronald having gender-realignment surgery, "I, Ron Lady". I won't watch a film about Thatcher.

I feel confident on asserting that I ain't no hollerback girl. On gender grounds alone, if nothing else.

‘Dover Castle.’ ‘Rabbi Lionel Blue, there, with his Fort for the Day.’ #Radio4Joke

If they’d consulted me about the ‘Matrix’ sequels I'd have advised them to go with ‘Junetrix’ and ‘Julytrix’. But they didn't consult me.

“The entire island of Bute remains without power after the storm on Tuesday” Can they fall back on Bute-ane gas?

'Who here is the Spanish waiter/philosopher -- give yourself up, or we'll crucify you all!' 'I'm Manuel Kant.' 'No, I'm Manuel Kant!' etc

Do I practice my stammer, or pose about in a wet 18th-century chemise? Choices, choices. #FirthWorldProblems

My father was useless at dipping his face into a bucket to pick up apples floating in the water there. Daddy was a rank bobber, but he never hurt nobody.

You better watch out, you'd better beware/Albert said that e=mc^2. Who knew Batman's butler was so clever?

My favourite Verdi aria is the one about women who are folded over so as to have only one side & boundary condition: La Donna e Möbius.

And now to tone up with my favourite philosophical callisthenic song: ‘Heads, Shoulders Nietzsche Toes (Nietzsche Toes)’.

The knight I find it easiest to believe in is probably Sir Spension of Disbelief.

Jean le Rond D'Alembert spins me right rond, baby, right rond. Like a record of the Encyclopédie project, baby. Right rond. Right rond.

Dick Turpin galloped from York to London in a day on Black Bess. I did it in 4 hours in a Passat. In your FACE, Highwayman!

This is the night train closing down Borders/By bringing all books now as Amazon orders.

Cyndi Lauper. I assume her family originally got that name because they were expert at Lauping.

We're playing Pictionary. It turns out this game does NOT involve classifying Picts, as I thought.

My visage is half Po from the Tellytubbies, half Deborah Kerr. Can't read my, can't read my, you can't-a read my Po/Kerr face.

There's no bris-ness like show-bris-ness, as our theatrically inclined Rabbi likes to say.

It doesn't seem right to say ‘I have a cough’. With chest-spasms this vehement it's much more: the cough has me ...

I took the kids to see ‘Puss in Boots’. Puss bought some prophylactics, bubble bath & aspirin and had to queue for ages.

I rented duck feathers to the headmaster for school use. He wasn't happy: ‘you've let me down, you've let the school down ...’

I Fought Jude Law -- And Jude Law Won. #WimpyPop

'Daddy was a bank robber, but he never hurt no-body....' This song is the story of my life! Provided you change 'bank robber' to 'doctor'.

Caesar Salad for supper. I'm eating it in historically-appropriate fashion: by stabbing it repeatedly with a knife.

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