Monday, 7 September 2009

Shaky hands (Who 2)

And whilst I'm Whovering ...

That strand of Who songs that treats sexual matters with transparent, daft, adolescent humour: 'Squeeze Box', for instance, on the By Numbers album. OK: but 'Mary Ann With the Shaky Hands' ... what's that about?
Linda can cook
Jean reads books
Cindy can sew
But I'd rather know

Mary Ann with the shaky hands
What they've done to a man
Those sha-a-aky hands
What have they done to a man? Wanked him off, presumably; unless we truly are dealing with a song about early-onset Parkinsonianism and a very specialised medical fetish. So is the song suggesting that full sex with various talented women is all very well and good, but can't compare with manual stimulation by Mary-Ann? Hard to swallow. If you see what I mean.

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