Tuesday, 11 November 2008


"You're playing all the wrong notes!" "I'm playing all the right notes; although not necessarily in the right order."

Beethovian kettledrums rumble. The applause first,
Then the main show, in that order.

The pond's surface strains in a million places
To reach up and shake hands with the precipiation.

Cannons charging and discharging. Orderly
Disorderly. More 1815 than 6, actually.

Crinkled wires blankly incandescing
Rhizomes rooting clouds to sky. Traffic:

The wind the policeman and you the tramp.
Life inside that Jovian red roundabout.

Night storms day. Water storms land.
Napoleon storms Vienna. Beethoven's scowl.

Happy peasants are waiting in the wings.
They're there because the wings keep them dry.

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