Thursday, 16 November 2006


Who am I? I’m a writer. I write: science fiction; parodies; criticism and reviews; bits and pieces; this and that. You read that right: both this and that. No end to my talents, you see.

So … a blog? There are already sixty million blogs. Does the world need a new one? No.

More, I already contribute to a group-blog, at The Valve. But that’s a place for discussion of literary, cultural or philosophical matters. That’s what I do there; and it’s a very good venue for that. I have also already got a personal website. But that’s a place to post information about my publications, and my writing. So what’s this blog for?

This blog is other material. I’ll try and post every day, and in what I post I will make no aim (as I do in most of the other things I write) to please others. I will try to avoid posting diary style chatter, or to give away too much about my personal life; there’s enough about that on those other two sites. This will be user unfriendly stuff. This will be a semianonymous space; because, after all, a crowd of sixty million is a very good place to hide indeed. If people find out about this blog, let along start reading it and linking to it, then it will have failed.

That’s as far as I’ll go along the road of manifesto: this single criterion of failure. And now that I come to think of it, maybe it’s really what’s going on here. That’s what the AR project amounts to: the mapping of small-scale and unimportant failure.

Off we go then.

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A said...

Fail. It's good to know that someone else blogs about something other than makeup and clothes though. Even if i end up blogging in "diary" style i hope you realize you sound wicked intelligent compared to the average person so you still achieved the "user unfriendly" effect even if i stumbled your blog in the end. Nice to know incredibly smart people still exist, even if i'm not one of them...