Saturday, 19 May 2012


Every now and then, you know. Every now and then.

If a computer can wear a tiara convincingly, then it is human. This is called ‘The Tiara-ing Test’.

You know Raymond, who sells automobiles? He's a killer! It's in a poem. ‘I met murder on the way/He had a face like car-sell Ray’.

An everyday story of Kierkegaard folk: The Either/Archers. ‘On my naming day I gone front spear & kilt a wyld boar he parbly the las wyld pig on the Bundel Downs.’ That pig's name? Riddley Porker.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. From the verb ‘To Dnesdsy’. I Dnesday. You Dnesday. We Dnesday.

Breaking news: they've discovered the manuscript sequel Ben Jonson wrote for VOLPONE! Apparently it's called VOLPTWO.

Hollande meets Merkel today. Their Brangelina-name would be ‘Merkellande’.

Eating a Curlywurly. Wondering what happened to the confectionary created by the other two of the Three Stooges. A man walked into a bar. Ding! It was a bar on a stave of music.

Some people don't like Mervyn Peake, but I'll tell you this: he's a much better writer than Mervyn Trough.

Cameron cricked his neck! Osborne cricked HIS neck ... Miliband too! It's political cricked necks gone MAD!

As the cannibal said when he devoured the Mycenaean king: ‘AgamemNOMNOMNOM’

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