Monday, 10 October 2011


Ian Watson's characteristically brilliant, if creatively repulsive, short story “Tales From the Zombible” (it first appeared in Andy Remic's Vivisepulture collection) opens with this striking description of zombie sex and fertility:
A lady Zombie sucks a gentleman Zombie’s corrupting testicle into her like she’s slurping an oyster. Down goes that oyster testicle into her bellywomb unchewed. The eggworms that are already inside her burrow into that rotting testicle, then nature’s alchemy gets to work, and behold: the woman’s worms and the worms in the testicle, which are called sperms, blend into tiny little Grubs. Worms and sperms, that’s the trick. The hungriest Grub gobbles all its brother and sister grubs, putting on weight. Then Master Greedy slides down the venus tube coated in slime, hangs on at the very lip, and climbs up like a slug to her titty to suck on her ooze. The lady lets you suck; she doesn’t suck you. That’s motherhood amongst us Zombies.
There's a symbolic truth in amongst this deliciously revolting confection: the same truth in the pervasive eroticisation of oral activity (from kissing to oral sex) -- that sex is a primal appetite, a consumption of the other.

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