Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sects and Cults

The people of one culture believe that God is a being of antimatter, and his creation is matter, bodied forth from him in an equal-and-opposite moment of creation. This theology explains (they assert) the apparent alienation between God and humankind -- not that God does not love us, or wishes to abandon us, or anything like that, for he is eager to embrace us and clasp us to his bosom. But that were he to do so, it would result in the catastrophic cosmic explosion. Some adherents of this sect believe that the Day of Judgment will be precisely this; no severity or hostility, but a loving embrace that will result in the simultaneous end of the unievrse and the big-bang creation of a new universe.

The people of another culture believe that reality is a superrapid sine-wave alternation between different states, which we (existing on the down peaks of the wave only) perceive as unity only because of the crudeness of our sensoria. God, they say, exists on the up-peaks, whilst also being the medium in which the oscillation occurs.

And yet another people believe that God has no sense of smelll, there being Biblical sanction for the other senses (light, sound, touch) but not that one.

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