Monday, 1 November 2010

Making up one's mind

Something wrong about thinking 'making up one's mind' entails taking a mind in phase state A, altering it, and arriving at phase state B. The mind itself is made-up -- the decision is reached, for instance -- via a process of continual making-up. Only by arriving at a decision can we enact the process that leads to us arriving at a decision. There's nothing prior to that telos, decision-making-wise.

A parallel case is writing: I don't decide what to write and then write it. In large part I decide what I want to want to write by writing it.


DEZ said...

Greetings, would you be willing to elaborate a little further on this statement? I Thank you in advance for your response...Dez

Adam Roberts Project said...

What sort of elaboration were you after, Dez?