Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Story for children

Lily was almost at the top of the stairs when the Rich Witch pounced and snatched hold of her neck, tight enough to hurt. 'Aha, my pretty!' the Rich Witch shrieked. 'I'll have you, oh-gorooo! I'll take all your wealth, and then I'll drink your heart's blood!' 'Wealth?' Lily replied. 'But I'm only a little girl!' The Rich Witch danced on her left foot, and danced on her right foot, and despite all this dancing she didn't let go her grip of Lily's neck, at the back, where the little hairs grow. The Rich Witch's hands were very grubby, and underneath her nails was enough mud to grow tomatoes. 'Ooh you've wealth enough for I,' she cooed. 'For you have gold and silver in your teeth!' At Lily thought of all the fillings she had had at the dentist, and wished she hadn't eaten so many sweets in her life. 'I'll pull them out with my finger and thumb!' cried the Rich Witch. 'And so I'll become richer and richer!' 'In that case,' Lily said, remaining calm, 'you'll also want to know about my diamond toenails.' 'Diamond toenails!' cried the Rich Witch, in an ecstasy of avarice (which is the feeling greedy people have when they think they're going to get what they want). 'Show me show!' And the Rich Witch let go of Lily's neck, and leant over to examine her feet; and Lily, thinking quickly, kicked her hard down the stairs. Oh she howled as she fell! But Lily ran up the rest of the stairs and leapt straight into her bed, under the covers, where, as everybody knows, the Rich Witch cannot get you.

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FunkingDave said...

I liked the story, add some art. Did you write it? If so write some more.