Friday, 8 February 2008

Adam and Steve

Wasn't it Jerry Falwell who said 'God created Adam and Eve in that garden, not Adam and Steve'? What's depressing, and surprising, in equal measures, about that statement is the extent to which it reveals an inability to think through counterfactuals (surprising given that Christianity is one long counterfactual: imagine if the world were created and ruled by a loving God ...) Can it really be that Falwell, or his millions of followers, have really never thought-through the possibilities opened up by the sf of that sentence? A world created by a savage, judgmental God in which homosexuality is divinely ordained, and disgusting heterosexuals like J.F. are forced to disguise their desires, or face persecution ...

The only response to such idiocy must be: 'let's for the sake of argument say he had created Adam and Steve. What would you do? How would you deal with your desires? Would you marry a man and meet women secretly, on the side? Or would you simply come out and say: "I desire women, this is how my desires are"?'

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