Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The lonely person's craving for telepathic intimacy

"There are other people. That's good. I value my connection with them. But they are not present to me as intimately as I am to myself ... they're not in my mind the way I am--not under my skin. That's the Other than I crave; somebody closer to me than my own jugular vein ..." This is the mental state out of which God is created by some; or, more precisely, the mental state that renders some receptive to the penetrating revelation of divinity. The prophylactic against the deepest and least remediable of existential lonelinesses. The lonely person's craving for telepathic intimacy. I suppose that's why so many monotheistic religions seme, in their way, to stress the isolation, self-sufficiency and in effect loneliness of God himself; he feeds but is not fed, God who is one, not many, the solitary God.

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